Maroula Zacharias
Post-graduate Teaching Fellow, MIT Architecture
Research Scientist, Human-Computer Interaction Engineering Group, MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL)


77 Massachusetts Ave Room 7-337

Cambridge, MA 02139







Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Master of Science in Architecture Studies, Design Computation Program. GPA: 4.90/5.00


National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)

Master of Science in Architecture Studies, Interdepartmental Program “Design-Space-Culture”.

GPA: 9.73 / 10.00


National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)

Diploma in Architectural Engineering, 

GPA: 8.68 / 10.00

Grants & Awards

MIT Council of the Arts Grant, 2019

Post-graduate Teaching Fellowship  at MIT Architecture, 2018

MIT Merit Fellowship for SM in Design and Computation, 2017 

Harold Horowitz Research Grant, 2017 

A. Onassis Foundation Scholarship for graduate studies at MIT, 2017

A.G. Leventis Foundation Scholarship for graduate studies at MIT, 2017


Gerondelis Foundation Scholarship for graduate studies at MIT, 2017

William Mitchell Grant for independent research, 2016


MIT Graduate Fellowship for SM in Design and Computation, 2016


Lilian Voudouri Scholarship for studies at NTUA, 2014

Eurobank-Ergasias Award of Excellence, 2007




Research Appointments


09/2018 - Present

Researcher, Human-Computer Interaction Engineering (HCIE) Laboratory, MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL). PI: Professor Stefanie Mueller.

Conducting research on efficient methods for testing of physical designs and products. Working on background research, development of software tools, and design of user studies.


06/2018 - 08/2018

Interaction Designer, MIT International Design Center (MIT IDC) in collaboration with Philips Lighting. PI: Marcelo Coelho. 

Built a mobile application for controlling large-scale urban infrastructures. Designed and programmed the technical pipeline of the application, and worked on 3D modeling, electronics production, CNC cutting and 3D printing of prototypes.  

05/2015 – 02/2016

Research Assistant, NTUA. Lidoriki Project:  Survey, Documentation and Mapping in the Historical Region of Doris, Greece. PIs: Miltiadis Katsaros, Todd Breningmeyer. 

Designed an application that collects and presents data 

related to traditional settlements of the Doris region in Greece, provided by UAV 3-dimensional mapping, GPS data, and in situ measurements.


Teaching Appointments



Spring 2019

Instructor of the class “Material Interfaces for Human-Centered Design” at MIT Architecture


January 2019 

Co-instructor of the class “Transensational Objects: Studio on Inclusive Design” at MIT Architecture. Co-instructor: Athina Papadopoulou.                                     


Fall 2018

Co-instructor of the undergraduate design studio “How to Design”. Co-instructor: Professor Skylar Tibbits. 


Summer 2017

Instructor at NuVu Innovation School. Studios Taught: “Machine Art”, “Augmented Video Games”, “Smart Tools”.


[Teaching Assistant] 

Spring 2017

Teaching Assistant for the studio “4.101: Introduction to Design Techniques and Technologies”. Instructors: Skylar Tibbits, Jeremy Jih.


Fall 2016

Teaching Assistant at the Department of Architecture at MIT for the class “SMArchS Thesis Preparation”. Instructors: Professorss Terry Knight, Takehiko Nagakura.


Fall 2015

Teaching Assistant at the School of Architecture of the NTUA for the course: “An Aesthetic Approach to Architecture”. Instructor: Professor Panayiotis Tournikiotis.


Fall 2015

Teaching Assistant at the School of Architecture of the NTUA for the course “Special Subject: History of Modernity in Architecture”. Instructor: Professor Panayiotis Tournikiotis.

Architectural Practice

10/2014 – 06/2015

Architect/Project Architect at Dimitris Papalexopoulos Architectural Office, Athens, Greece.       

Developed constructional details and worked on 3D CAD models and visualizations for the renovation of two historical residences in Spetses island, Greece.


04/2014 – 09/2014

Architect at Vozani Ariadni Architectural Office, Athens, Greece.

Worked on 2D and 3D CAD models and landscape design for a 1000m2 residence in Naxos island, Greece. 


05/2013 – 09/2013

Intern Architect at Workshop-S Architectural Office, Athens, Greece.                               

Worked on 2D and 3D CAD models and visualizations for a 2,300m2 landscape proposal in Ekali area, Attica, Greece.

Curatorial/Organizational Activity [selected]

Spring 2019

Exhibition designer for the exhibition titled "Design on Display" at MIT Architecture, hosted by Rotch Library at MIT. Collaborators: Danniely Staback, Gerard Patawaran, Paul Pettigrew.  

10/2016 - 11/2017

Visual Designer, Web Development and Organizational Activity for the ACADIA 2017 International Conference at MIT. Conference Chairs: Skylar Tibbits, Takehiko Nagakura. 


01/2016 – 06/2016

Co-curator of the Exhibition “Lucien Hervé: The Summertime of Le Corbusier” at Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece. Collaborators: Panayotis Tournikiotis, Maria Tassopoulou. 


Design Software: Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator / InDesign / Premier, Autodesk 3ds Max Design (Autodesk Certified) / MAYA/ Fusion 360, Solidworks, Mastercam, McNeel Rhinoceros 3D / Grasshopper, MAXON Cinema 4D, Maxwell Render, Unity 3D


Web Development: HTML/CSS, Javascript, Node.js


Computer Languages: Python, Processing IDE


Fabrication and Electronics: Electronics prototyping, production and debugging; computer-controlled cutting/machining; 3d printing; physical prototyping; molding/casting





Peer-reviewed Conference Proceedings


Bacharidou, M. Touch, See, Make: Employing Active Touch in Computational Making. In

Proceedings of the Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA, November 2017). 


Bacharidou, M., Katsaros, M., Christofi, M., Naki, M. and Demetriou, N. Drones Above the Stones: A New Aerial Approach for Large Scale Documentation and Modelling of Architectural Heritage. In Proceedings of BIOCULTURAL International Conference. (University of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus, 11-12 December 2015)


Bacharidou, M. and Adamopoulos, G. Matter and Knowledge Among Digital Communities. In Workshop Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Intelligent Environments, IOS Press EBooks. (Athens, Greece, 18-19 July 2013)





Bacharidou, M. Active Prototyping: A Computational Framework for Designing while Making (SMArchS Thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, May 2018).


Bacharidou, M., Grigoriou, M., Fakiri, I. Ecostructures: Landscape Restoration in Kaiafas Ecosystem after the Fire Disaster in 2007 (Diploma Thesis, National Technical University of Athens, February 2014).

Exhibitions [selected]



8th International Biennial of Landscape Architecture in Barcelona. Exhibition of my Undergraduate Diploma Thesis “ECOSTRUCTURES” (Barcelona, Spain).



Exhibition of the project “Steel and Shadows” developed during the Omni(Progra)Chromatic Advanced Computational Design Workshop 

organised by X|A Atelier (Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece).

Invited Presentations [selected]



Presentation of my research project titled “Active Prototyping: A Computational            

Framework for Designing while Making” at the members of the MIT Ideation Laboratory

(MIT Department of Mechanical Engineering).



Presentation of my research projects “Touch, See, Make: Employing Active Touch in Computational Making” and “Active Prototyping: A Computational Framework 

for Designing while Making” at the SMArchS Architecture Colloquium (MIT Architecture).

Teaching Certificates


Spring 2018

Kaufman Teaching Certificate Program (KTCP), MIT Teaching and Learning Laboratory